RSC sept 26 112

We are excited to meet your child over a mixing bowl!  Our goal is for your child to leave our class each day feeling proud, tired-faced from smiling so much, and excited to tell you what he or she made.  We love kids and we love seeing kids cook!


Sample curriculum for the younger kids:

Class 1:  “Snakes Two Ways” (cucumber snakes with hummus & strawberry shortcake 



Class 2:  “Ooh, La La!  Homemade Chocolate Bowls With Faux Raspberry Chocolate Mousse”

Class 3:  “Leaning Tower of Pasta” (an entire pasta dinner skewered up on a stick with marinara dipping sauce)


Sample curriculum for older kids:

Class 1:  “Crepes Two Ways” (crepes suzette and crepes bananas foster with homemade whipped cream and caramelized sugar)

Class 2:  “Fun Fusion Food” (teriyaki tacos, coconut rice balls, mango salsa)

Class 3:  “Trick Sushi” (“sushi” sandwiches and….shhh, can’t tell you…it’s a trick!  Hint: rice krispy treats make an appearance!)